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Biote Hormonal Replacement

Are you feeling fatigued, stressed, unable to sleep, have night sweats, or have low libido? This could be a sign of hormonal imbalance, which is common with increasing age and can severely affect your daily life. The great news is there is a way to feel happier and healthier with Biote Hormonal Replacement Therapy offered here at our office!

Biote uses bioidentical (not synthetic!) hormone pellets in order to replace or increase hormones within your body to create a balance. You may be wondering what the process is to get pelleted in our office, which I will walk you through. The first step is booking a consultation with our provider, Board Certified OB/GYN Dr. Peter Balazs. During the consultation, a health history will be reviewed and the patient will be sent for a blood draw at Lab corp. Once the blood draw is completed step two is in-office pellet insertion which is painless and quick. A small incision is made near the upper buttocks and the pellet is inserted the area is bandaged and over time the pellet dissolves and is absorbed by the body. No stitches are necessary and you can go about your day as usual! You will be called by the provider 24 hours following the procedure and 4 weeks later for a post-pellet blood draw to ensure proper hormone balance.

How often should patients get pelleted? This varies between males and females, males get re-pelleted every 4-5 months while females get re-pelleted every 3-4 months. Your next pellet insertion is scheduled on the day of the previous insertion to ensure you will not forget to do so! Call our office at 973-833-5058 with any questions or book your Biote Consultation online with our provider today.