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Nitrous for painless procedures

Nitrous Oxide has just arrived at NV! Have you ever heard of laughing gas? It is a great addition to any procedure to help reduce pain and anxiety.

Nitrous Oxide is used at many dental and medical practices as a sedative to help with pain relief during minor procedures. Patients typically feel the effects within 5 minutes of breathing it in and report feeling happy, relaxed, calm, and mildly euphoric. You will be aware of your surroundings and able to respond to questions asked by the provider. When finished with the procedure, patients will breathe 100% oxygen for a few minutes to restore a normal state of consciousness. This allows for patients to resume daily activities including driving!

Nitrous Oxide can be used for our services such as Morpheus 8, Hair Restoration, Women’s Health, and as an add-on for Botox and Fillers. It has been shown to significantly reduce the pain and anxiety during these procedures!

Come into our office to see if you qualify for this great new addition. Now you can feel beautiful and confident again without the fear of painful procedures!